Comfort on the Road

The CosyRoad is high-end, class B motorhome that distinguishes itself from the competition due to its comfort, its roomy feel thanks to its 360 degree window views, as well as its energy efficiency.  The Cosyroad maximizes the use of technology in order to create an everyday, cozy environment for its passengers.   It is very pleasant to drive and is fuel efficient.

It was developed by a company that specializes in the research of development of products, by people who are passionate about the great outdoors and travelling in recreational vehicles (RVs).

Living Room

The back end of the vehicle is reserved for the main living space.  In less than 15 seconds, this section can be transformed into the dining room, the living room, a home theater or a bedroom.  The initial set-up of this room includes two 80” benches and a side table.     

This room maximizes the window space.  We have also built-in a 50’’ x 30’’, quick-release window opening with screen in order to take full advantage of the scenic views in any weather condition. 

The two benches transform into two ergonomic Zero-Gravity easy chairs.  The Zero-Gravity concept easy chair offers a position whereby your back is inclined and your legs are elevated to heart level in order to help your circulation and maximize your comfort. 

The Dining Room

From the back bench, the retractable table mechanism can be activated and opens in three seconds to create a 28" x 38"surface.  In reality, this surface is created by two 14" x 38" independent tables, one for each user.  Access to the bench is not limited in any way by the table set-up and the location of the table does not hinder the access to other areas of the vehicle.   When the back doors are opened up, the dining room offers an airy, relaxing space.


All the comforts of home can be found in this kitchen:  a sink, a gas stove, a refrigerator and a microwave.  Thanks to the retractable bathroom and the use of curves in the counter design, we can offer 12 square feet of working counter space which is more than is offered in most class A recreational vehicles.    The doors, drawers and all vertical surfaces are covered in a high-quality leatherette to facilitate cleaning as well as to give it a “cozy” feel.


In order to keep an open-concept living area and to maximize the kitchen counter space, we have opted for a retractable bathroom operated by an electric mechanism and structure.  At the touch of a button, and without moving any portable parts, the bathroom can open or close in 15 seconds.  The bathroom includes a toilet and a full shower.


An electric mechanism allows the two sections at the back of the RV to open up and create a bed that measures 71” wide by 80” long.  The structure and the mechanisms of the bed are made of steel.  The bed opens up in 12 seconds, at the touch of a button.   Whether it is for the bed or the easy chairs, a high-quality foam is used and is laminated in three different densities for optimal comfort.